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Bone Graft in Altamonte

Welcome to Dream Dental Services, your trusted destination for bone grafts in Altamonte Springs, FL, and the Orlando and Casselberry areas. Our skilled team specializes in advanced dental treatments, including bone grafting, to ensure you have a solid foundation for optimal oral health and the smile you've always dreamed of. 

Why Might You Need a Bone Graft? 

A bone graft is a surgical procedure performed to augment or restore bone tissue in the jaw. There are several common reasons why a bone graft may be recommended: 

  • Dental Implants: 
    When you're considering dental implants to replace missing teeth, having sufficient bone density in your jaw is crucial. A bone graft can help rebuild or strengthen the jawbone to ensure a secure foundation for your implants.
  • Tooth Extractions: 
    The surrounding bone may be compromised after a tooth extraction, especially if it's due to infection or periodontal disease. A bone graft can promote bone tissue regeneration and prevent jawbone deterioration. 
  • Gum Disease: 
    Advanced gum disease (periodontitis) can lead to bone loss around your teeth. A bone graft can help restore lost bone and support the teeth affected by gum disease. 
  • Trauma or Injury: 
    Accidents or injuries to the face and jaw can result in bone loss. A bone graft can aid in repairing damaged bone and restoring the natural contours of your facial structure. 
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The Bone Grafting Process at Dream Dental Services 

At Dream Dental Services, we prioritize your comfort and oral health throughout the bone grafting process. Here's an overview of what you can expect: 

  1. Consultation: 
    Your journey begins with a thorough consultation. We will assess your oral health, discuss your specific needs, and determine if a bone graft is the right solution for you. 
  2. Treatment Planning: 
    Once we've determined that a bone graft is necessary, we will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique circumstances. This plan will outline the type of graft, the source of the grafting material, and the surgical procedure. 
  3. Bone Graft Surgery: 
    During the surgical procedure, our dentist will carefully graft bone tissue from a suitable source (either your body, a donor, or synthetic material) to the target area in your jaw. The graft material serves as a scaffold for new bone growth. 
  4. Healing and Integration: 
    After the bone graft surgery, your body will gradually integrate the graft material, stimulating the growth of new bone tissue. This process typically takes several months.
  5. Dental Treatment: 
    Once the graft has successfully integrated with your natural bone, you may proceed with your desired dental restorative treatment. 

Why Choose Dream Dental Services for Your Bone Graft? 

Choosing Dream Dental Services for your bone graft procedure means choosing excellence in dental care. Here are a few reasons our patients enjoy coming to us: 

  • Experienced Team: Our dental team has extensive experience in bone graft procedures, ensuring the best possible outcome for your oral health. 
  • Advanced Technology: We utilize state-of-the-art technology and techniques to perform precise and effective bone graft surgeries. 
  • Personalized Care: Your treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring the most suitable and effective approach. 
  • Comfort and Care: Your comfort is our priority, and we provide a comfortable and caring environment throughout your treatment. 

Transform Your Oral Health with a Bone Graft at Dream Dental Services

A bone graft at Dream Dental Services can be the key to restoring your smile's strength and beauty. Don't let bone loss stand in the way of your oral health and confidence. Schedule your consultation today by calling (407) 862-7000 or using our convenient online form. Take the first step toward a healthier, more vibrant smile with Dream Dental Services. 

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